Organizing weddings can be a toll order on you especially if you want to hold a large wedding, but gastro chefs offers a shoulder to lean on in these nervy times. We have organized over 4,000 weddings all over the country not only in Los Angeles ranging from destination weddings to garden weddings. Our passionate and highly qualified staff ensures that the happiest time of your life is made memorable for you and your guests.

We work with you in choosing the perfect place to hold your wedding. The place where you hold your wedding is very important as it will determine the taste that you want your wedding to pass to your guests and your partner. In addition to this, our design team works day and night in ensuring that the outlook of your wedding is perfect. We work with the theme that you want to incorporate to satisfy your tastes.

Our passionate and highly qualified kitchen department staff works tirelessly in providing the perfect meal for your wedding. We understand that wedding meals are an important aspect in the wedding and thus we strive to offer the tastiest meals for your wedding. In addition, our chefs also bake cakes, which you may need in your wedding thus making gastro a one-stop consultation destination for your wedding.